Covid Safety

Covid Protocols


Safe Environment







Sanitation practices

Each client has their own room equipped with their own private shower. Shower is equipped with soap, shampoo and conditioner. Clean towels are provided by a third-party laundry service. The water in the pods are filtered using a 5 micron filter. For context, standard pool filters use a 20 to 30 micron filter. Our pods use a 5 micron filter ensuring even the smallest particle is captured. Water than passes through an additional filtration system that contains a UV light which kills pathogens and viruses. After which Ozone is automatically dispersed into the water. We also use the addition of 27% hydrogen peroxide to disinfect.

The total volume of water passes through this system a minimum of 4 times after each client during a 20 minute interval.

The 1000 pounds of therapeutic grade Epson salt (magnesium sulphate) that is in the water is also a natural disinfectant.

How we clean the pods

All surfaces, exterior and interior, of the pods are cleaned first using a vinegar solution to dissolve and clean the salt then a hydrogen peroxide solution is used to disinfect all surfaces including walls, showers, shower fixtures and soap dispensers.

We then sanitize all floors, benches, door handles, washrooms and countertops.

Air filtration

Our centre is equipped with a new and powerful HVAC system which has a strong fan constantly exchanging the air. Please note there is also a minimum of a 30-45 minute gap between each client to allow for proper sanitization and air exchange.

Social Distancing

Our centre is a 2300 square-foot space. There is no more than four people including staff at any given time. We also stagger appointments to limit customer interaction.

Our schedule is based on appointment only.

Contactless payment will be encouraged and available.